SimplyFog™ Professional Grade Fog Fluid



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Whether you call it fog liquid, smoke fluid or fog juice, SimplyFog™ Professional Grade is the best fog machine liquid available. Water based – NOT a fogging oil – and NOT made with harmful, irritating glycols – our fog, smoke and haze fluid is the best fog and smoke machine fluid money can buy. SimplyFog™ Professional Grade Fog Fluid is all natural and made in the USA in an FDA approved facility under strict quality control. It is the safest, most productive, best fog machine fluid you can buy.

Safer to Breathe

All natural, NOT made with glycols
SimplyFog™ is made with 100% natural ingredients! Our clean formula means SimplyFog™ is safer for your lungs, eyes, nose and throat. Since SimplyFog™ does NOT contain glycols, we avoid a chemical associated with sore throats, dizziness, coughing, headaches and fatigue.

Less Expensive to Use

33% more fog with same amount of fluid
Our formula produces 33% more fog with the same amount of liquid as competition! SimplyFog™ produces a thick, long lingering fog so you can use less fluid to achieve the same fog cover.

Saves Equipment Costs

Less maintenance & replacement
Because we use reagent-grade, natural ingredients, SimplyFog™ won’t clog and destroy equipment. You save money and hassle with less equipment maintenance and replacement costs.
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